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Letting your houseboat

In our capacity as houseboat specialists, we are inundated with requests from people looking to rent a houseboat rather than buy one.

Why should you let your houseboat?

As nearly all houseboats are financed by cash rather than by a bank, very few of them come to the lettings market.  Most people buy them to live in rather than as an investment. If you own and live in a houseboat but have decided to move, letting your houseboat is an excellent way to earn an income and often attracts a higher rent than a  similarly sized ‘bricks and mortar’ property in the same location. 

Please bear in mind that in order for riverhomes to market your houseboat to let, it must come with a mooring.

If you wish to instruct riverhomes to let your houseboat, please contact us for a valuation.