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To their friends, Russell and Nigel Day probably seemed mad to be going into business with their father, John. For them though, it felt completely natural: John had been their headmaster throughout school, so they were already used to him as “Mr Day” rather than “Dad”.

After their school days, Russell and Nigel went on to become estate agents and John - ready for a career that didn’t involve quite so many playground tantrums - moved into management consultancy. They were brought back together, though, when John moved to a house in Strand on the Green, Chiswick, on the banks of the River Thames. The whole family fell in love with the waterside lifestyle, and they soon decided to combine their respective business and estate agency backgrounds to promote waterside living and the stunning views, freedom and relaxation it offers.

And so riverhomes was born, in John's spare bedroom - with a balcony overlooking the river, naturally. Even though friends and acquaintances offered them plenty of opportunities to take on properties in various parts of London, they remained laser-focused on their original mission: only marketing floating homes and properties that actually overlooked the water.

Turning down so much business seemed an unconventional way to gain a foothold in such a competitive market, but riverhomes survived the tricky early days and set their sights on expansion. After they made their first hire - Lettings Manager, Sue - riverhomes moved out of the bedroom to a more fitting waterside home at 28 Thames Road.

Despite stiff competition from far bigger industry names, riverhomes' commitment to the waterside lifestyle and serving their customers soon established them as the experts in prime riverside property. As their reputation grew they attracted celebrity clients (one internationally known businessman bought a houseboat without even seeing it, based on the team's recommendation), played a part in the majority of prestigious new Thames-side developments, and once even conducted a viewing at midnight for a client who couldn't make any other time in his schedule.

Now over a decade later, riverhomes has grown to a team of over 30, boasts five divisional offices along the Thames...and Sue married Nigel (testament to his skills as a salesman). Although never wavering from the original vision, the riverhomes remit was extended to "riverhomes lifestyle" - properties that are a short walk away from the water, and offer many desirable features that can't always be found on the waterfront itself.

With expansion and popularity came media attention, and riverhomes soon found itself called upon to offer advice and expertise to national and international newspapers, property publications and multiple TV programmes including comment on BBC news. Today if you search online for anything about waterside living in London, it’s likely you’ll come across an article in which riverhomes is quoted or mentioned.

As well as staying true to the waterside mission, the riverhomes team has maintained its family values and focus on the customer as it's grown. As soon as you walk into a riverhomes office, you'll notice a more friendly and relaxed approach to estate agency - just like the riverside lifestyle itself.