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spotlight: Nick

Spotlight on river living: Contemporary apartment with large terrace offering stunning views

Nick loves his apartment adjacent to the River Thames and the Palace of Westminster and explains that it is as much about ‘View View View’ as it is about ‘Location Location Location’!

Why do you live by the river?

For me it’s about the combination of the River and the location.  I really believe that living on the River in Central London is the perfect place to be; for transport, for culture, for social life.

I’m also lucky enough to have a roof terrace offering me not only the River views but also the feeling of space.  A real oasis in a cramped city.

Have you always lived by the water?

Yes since working in London.

Is it how you expected it to be?

Yes I thought living by the Thames would be calming and has proven to be so.

Before I moved here I was considering living away from the River but now, having experienced it, it would be impossible to give up.

What are your favourite things about living next to the Thames?

The view.  The vista.  The fact that you can see for miles up and downstream.

How quiet it is rather than living next to a road in central London. 

Also that feeling of openness in a claustrophobic city. 

What is it about your view that you like particularly?

I like the change between day and night. 

Also there are many of London’s most famous landmarks on the River and from my terrace I can see the London Eye, Battersea Power Station and the MI6 building from which I imagine James Bond’s speedboat exiting!

Do you go out / dine out along the river?  Any favourite haunts?

Now I live by the river I seem to find myself going out near the river too. 

I really like Gordon Ramsay’s pub The Narrow near Wapping, Tamesis Dock on Albert Embankment and The Morpeth Arms Pimlico. 

Describe your favourite time living by the river?

Not being a morning person it would definitely be the evening.  At dusk the change of light is magical, really visually pleasing.

What do friends say when they visit you for the first time?

Wow!  They love the panorama from the roof terrace and that it doesn’t feel like you are in the middle of a city even though you just stepped off the tube to get here!

Are you more in tune with news / events / about / on the River since you have lived here?

Yes, but more so in the summer.  There’s nothing better than getting the River Taxi to events at Greenwich or Kew Gardens.

Do you follow riverhomes on twitter / facebook to be kept updated about news / events about the Thames?

Yes I follow on Facebook.

What are your transport links like?

Excellent.  Tube, train, River Taxi.

What local secret do you know that would take a new resident a while to discover?

If they were sub 35 I’d say Tamesis Dock on Albert Embankment, or ‘the Yellow Boat’ as it’s known locally.  It’s a floating pub.  Great fun!

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