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why river living?

why river living?

Here are just a few of the reasons why living by the water is such a unique and enviable experience:

Breathtaking views

There’s nothing like waking up every day to a view that is so beautiful that it takes your breath away. When you live by the river, it’s virtually guaranteed.

The seasons up close

Ducklings in the spring, snowy scenes in winter… witness the changing seasons in all their colourful glory.

Every style of property you could ever want

From period homes to contemporary apartments and romantic houseboats, you’re really not restricted by style when it comes to waterside living.

Sense of community

Waterside living seems to be integrated with a sense of community - and the superb selection of pubs and restaurants enhances this reputation.

Taxis without the traffic!

The waterways of London offer an opportunity to travel around the capital in style and without stress: just hop on a river bus or water taxi.

Liquid history

The Thames encapsulates London’s liquid history and is inextricably linked to many of the events that have shaped this great capital.

Incredible nature

From "regulars" like gulls, geese, swans, herons, kingfishers, ducks, trout and flounder to the more unusual sightings like seals, dolphins and porpoises... they’re all here for you to marvel at.

Time to reflect...

We don’t know about you, but there’s just something wonderful about looking out over sparkling, mesmerising water... it doesn’t fail to put us in a better frame of mind.

Free (and comfortable) entertainment

Whether you’re watching the University Boat Race, the Great River Race, or any of the other regular water-based competitions that take place along the river, you’ll have one of the best seats in the house - not to mention one of the most lusted-after on a cold day!

City pad and country retreat in one...

Riverside properties perfectly capture the benefits of both worlds: you’ll be close to all the hustle, bustle, entertainment, conveniences and culture of a big city, but you’ll have the tranquility and greenery of a country retreat.

Fantastic for fitness

Whether it’s rowing, sailing, fishing, or simply jogging or walking on the towpath, the capital’s waterways provide something for everyone.

And relax...

Glance out the window or take a walk and experience the peace and tranquility that comes from a waterside property. The stresses of city living will just melt away!