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Rohan Whalley

Senior Consultant


After working with racehorses following college, I have spent the majority of my time in sales arenas notably Marketing Agency work in London and almost 10 years working in Spain honing my communication skills.  I decided to return to reconnect with friends & family and riverhomes was my natural calling after growing up on the river in west London.  The exciting Central London waterside and floating property market is a great way to kick start my career and I am loving it. When not at work you’ll find me running along the waterfront or with my form book at the races.


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Central London
Tintagel House, 92 Albert Embankment Vauxhall SE1 7TY

Tel: 020 7407 8000
Fax: 020 8780 3000

Tel: 020 7407 8000
Fax: 020 8780 3000

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